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Test Flight Events!

Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:02 am

The Test Flight has begun! Those of you who are joining us in this exciting new adventure will not go unrewarded - check out all our special events for the first ever Taichi Panda: Heroes closed beta "Test Flight"!

[Login Event]

[Event Details] Every day you log in with your account, you will be able to receive items from the “Login” event in the Event panel. Get different rewards the more days you log in during the Event period!

[Event Period] March 31 - April 6

[Event Rewards]

1 Day - 200 Bound Diamonds、Shining Equipment Chest*2、Rathas Shard*10

2 Days - 200 Bound Diamonds、Element Rune Chest*4、Night Shard*10

3 Days - 250 Bound Diamonds、Refinement Stone*80、Mimi Shard*10

4 Days - 250 Bound Diamonds、Large EXP Pill*20、Bacchus Shard*10

5 Days - 250 Bound Diamonds、Shining Equipment Chest*1、Raw Element Stone*5、Evil Aimee Shard*10

6 Days - 300 Bound Diamonds、Quality 30 Orange Equipment Chest*2、Raw Core Stone*2、Phoenix Shard*10

7 Days - 300 Bound Diamonds、Wings of Fortune*1、Borik Shard*10

[Spend Events]

[Event Details] During the event period, spend your Diamonds to qualify for rewards in the following tiers.

[Event Period] March 31 - April 6

[Event Rewards]

200 Diamonds - 200,000 Gold、Medium Constitution Pill*2、Medium Fortitude Pill*2

500 Diamonds - Medium Constitution Pill *2、Medium Fortitude Pill *4、Market Token *10

900 Diamonds - Large Constitution Pill *2、Large Fortitude Pill *3、Quality 22 Orange Equipment Chest *2

1500 Diamonds - Claudius Shard*10、Maxee Shard*10、Green Tier Pill*20

2500 Diamonds - Jackie Shard*10、Lauren Shard*10、Blue Tier Pill*20

[Event Rules]
1. Use Diamonds in-game and get bonus rewards depending on how much you spend.
2. Rewards earned through this event may be obtained at the top-right corner of the screen in the game. Each reward tier may only be claimed once per account.

[Online Event]

[Event Details] Stay online for throughout the event period to gain abundant rewards in the following tiers.

[Event Period] March 31 - April 6

10 Minutes - 100,000 Gold、Medium Constitution Pill *1、Medium Fortitude Pill *5

30 Minutes - 100Bound Diamonds、Element Rune Chest*2

1Hour - Large Fortitude Pill*3、Shining Equipment Chest*1、Refinement Stone*30

2Hours - Large Constitution Pill*3、Shining Rune Chest*2、Large EXP Pill*10

5 Hours - Stryker Shard*10、Quality 22 Orange Equipment Chest*1、Element Rune Chest *2

10 Hours - 200 Bound Diamonds、Large Constitution Pill*4、Large Fortitude Pill*5

20 Hours - Legend Blade*1、Claudius Shard*10、Large EXP Pill*10

[Special Gift Packs]

[Event Details] Get this special Time-limited Packs! Purchase them in the in-game store with Diamonds

[Event Period] March 31 - April 6

[Gift Pack Price and Details]

Green Hand Pack - 300 Diamonds(Purchase once) - 100,000 Gold、Large Constitution Pill*3、Large Fortitude Pill *3

Refinement Stone Pack - 200 Diamonds (10 times limited) - Refinement Stone*80

Shining Equipment Pack - 400 Diamonds (10 times limited) - Shining Equipment Chest*2

Special Rune Pack - 500 Diamonds (Purchase once) - Element Rune Chest *100

Gold Pack - 300 Diamonds (Purchase once) - 3,000,000 Gold

[Double Rewards]

[Event Details] Every day of the Test Flight we'll have special Double Rewards available! Get double rewards and gold from different gameplay every day.

[Double Rewards]

Mar 31 Treasure Instance-Double Reward
Apr 1 Team Instance-Double Reward
Apr 2 Arena-Double Reward
Apr 3 Treasure Instance-Double Reward
Apr 4 Team Instance-Double Reward
Apr 5 Arena-Double Reward
Apr 6 Treasure Instance-Double Reward

[Bug Reports]

For those of you lucky enough to be joining us in our Closed Beta "Test Flight", we're very pleased to offer a very special invitation for feedback and reports of bugs, glitches, textual errors, and generally problems with the game. Join us for the Test Flight Bug Report event to help improve the game and win rewards!

Learn more HERE: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19
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