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My party build suggestions!!!

Wed May 25, 2016 3:46 pm

Hi guys
so i read around the forum and got stryker very easy
I intend to play as a main party stryker + borik (when i get it) what should be my third fit for this party? like to be strong in general take the battle levels decently and the daily stuff
for now (pre-borik) im with stryker rathas and claudius as a tank and it seems to work good
shall i keep it like this and invest everything in those 3 until i get borik (thats what i intend to do) and what to do when i get borik and striker who should be my third in the party
i can upgrade stryker to tier 3 soon and arthas is almost tier 3 too
is it like REALLY important that i have to for example have another hero on tier 3-4-5 than claudius in tier 1-2 - i read the bonuses and they are not that amazing from tier 1 to 2 so i need info on that too i mean should i invest in the heroes i get most shards for so i can go for tier 5-6 and on (btw whats the max tier) or stronger heroes like claudius and borik are better than the others even with 1-2 upgrades only (since its harder to get shards for them)
i bought a 10 pack of the orange treasure for 1710 and i got cool stuff ( not AMAZINGLY usefull tho but still cool like phoenix shards aimee shards and others
no i have almost 3 k more and i wonder should i buy the borik timed pack and spend all? or spend on orange treausure? or keep them for something else? please help
also about the raw core stones
should i auction them for diamonds? what should i do with the diamonds? or just use them for runes and keep
thanks for the time i would really appreciate some great advices
i intend to invest some 20-40 euros if they fix the bugs and crashes

Re: My party build suggestions!!!

Wed May 25, 2016 7:57 pm

i recommend Kasa, it has a good damage output and if you are not already doing it, you need to buy 5 shards a day from team instance warrior store

and if you don't have core runes on your hero, you should just open the core runes and use them
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