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question part 2

Tue May 10, 2016 10:11 pm

so for rare bosses it see that every time i log into the game the only rare boss that is up is the lvl 55 one in the banishment zone. no one on my sever is that high of a lvl. also what is the spawn rate of all rare bosses if there happens to be one. also for rare bosses y is it only the person that gets the first hit in the one that gets the rewards only,
also does anyone know when sun wukong will be available to get

Re: question part 2

Tue May 17, 2016 6:50 am


1. There is an announcement in the game for the rare boss at the top of the main screen counting down to when the rare boss will respawn. When the timer ticks down to zero, you'll see another announcement forwhere the rare boss will spawn.

2. There are different minimum requirements of level in different places(bosses) for Banishment. We suggest you challenge these bosses one by one when you reach the specified level.

3. Under normal conditions, the player who gets the first hit to the rare boss will "claim" that boss, and only they and their team will get the rewards for killing the boss. Alternatively, you can kill that person to claim the boss as yours. Onlythe person who claims it, and people in their "Team" will get therewards.

4. You can get Sun Wukong shards from Time-limited Hero when he is available. For further Time-limited Hero news, please pay attention to the news and announcement in official website.

Official website:

Re: question part 2

Wed May 18, 2016 6:30 am

Then honestly what's the point of having the bosses or even helping people after they've gotten the first hit. Shouldn't be people who do the most damage? I'll quit wasting my time on my son the first person to get ahead and then I'll just chill out and let everyone else kill it. That whole real doesn't make any sense whatsoever
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