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10 Things that ruin this game

Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:19 pm

topic one -RARE BOSS - one big alliance gets all rare boss/drops all day,even if they dont need.
topic two - pay to win mounts,yeah 50euros mount?no free mounts?even if u play daily
topic tree pay to win fashions- yeyeyeye 50 euros for one fashion?pay to win to upgrade fashion?
topic four-pay to win lvl 40 gears- reaaly 50 euros for each 25/love box's?what about people that play fking alot in this server?
topic five-pay to win events-yeah most event's with cool prices are for the strongest alliance in the server+donators that kill everyone new players,remember firecrakers?memeus boss was killed with 1 hit?only 1 player got price each kill each 30min of server respawn
topic six-BOSSES in pit/abys-party of 10 players and only 3 can get reward-each 2h?nice man,our life is taichi guys gogo
topic seven-most of time bloodwar is unbalanced,unjoyable
topic eight-new heroes that we must pay diamond to get,yeah s.anil strongest heroes we need to pay diamonds,yeah we can get hero tickets,again if you dont donate you will never cath up,and WHEN PEOPLE HAVE SPEND ALL HIS MONEY IN THE HERO,you make another stronger :lol: :lol:
topic nine- action house with bound diamonds- what the hell is this?its hard to sell someting there,and the fee is too much for it dont you think?
topic ten-pathethic suport- yeyeye all the fking time we say someting wrong you guys ask for screenshots?wahht?how can u be here helping people if you dont even know what is the char borik?,you staff always use those auto-system MSG :lol: :lol: :lol: ,really guys this is comming from too long,if you keep this crap to pay the win ,game wont last much,and you could have much more players lol..SOME DONATORS LOOKING LIKE DAM GAME MASTERS LOL,with ALOT of paid item that no donators players cant get..dont forget you need no donators to keep server alive,DONT EXPECT TO people that keep loosing boses/wars/events for donaters that we will pay to get better,no way,we will just find another good RPG/no rip off company

Re: 10 Things that ruin this game

Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:30 am

Hi there,

Greetings! Thanks for your concerns of Taichi Panda:Heroes. There are lots of good items can be get from the game. But not all of them can be available for free. Our technicians put these items in Store for those who want to get them quickly.
As to Rare Boss and Auction, we will forward your complaints to our technicians. They will take them into consideration in future development.
By the way, sometimes we ask for screenshots just in order to know your specific problem, then we can help you as soon as possible. Please kindly understand.
If you have any further questions or problems, please reply on this thread or feel free to contact us directly at

Best regards,
Snail Games Support Team

Re: 10 Things that ruin this game

Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:44 pm

quicly?come on guys take this right LOL...i play this game for like 1 year,NEVER seen free fashion for MEALOUR for exemple,even with in game diamonds we CANT GET mealour fashion(and other heroes)
other things is fashion upgrade items,tell me were we can get it?SHOPP again,and fashion works like talisman,huge advantage,this game is no fun anymore,and u know know it,makes no sence this kind of stuff..and then you need to keep on merging servers :o :o :o

Re: 10 Things that ruin this game

Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:23 pm

nothing really changed,now we have tier for runes :D
about fashions:
what the hell is this company doing?ONLY WAY TO GET AND UPGRADE FASHION is by SPEDING REAL MONEY HERE,as for upgrade fashion :REAL MONEY.
100euros for fashion?dam you guys are pathethic,you know what is 100euros?THATS WHY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING AND U KEEP MERGING SERVER'S looooooooool..
AGAIN RARE BOSS: nothing changed,1 top guild from my server gets all rare boss'es,they go and kill other people even if they dont need it,people that spend 30,000 in game can kill everyone and others cant evolve..i PLAY ALL DAY'S and i got no benefit from it,this company doesnt deserve my time,already stoped the small amount of donation.
people only have fun at PIT ,other way game is boring,only fun for big jerk's donators that even at FORTUNE FRENZY they spend the double hour time killing everone
so yeahh keep the good work snail merging server after server
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