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Merger SA and US

Tue Jan 23, 2018 7:17 pm

Hello good afternoon, I am Helder de Andrade Matos, I would like to get the correspondence address and name of the person in charge of the Snail company if it is possible. The reason is that me and some friends are feeling hurt by the recent changes made in the Taichi Panda Heroes game, I and my friends are feeling financially wrong and deceived, the game initially when we made the investments offered in their events compatible times with country that we lived in South America, in my case and my friends Brazil, the ping offered was also another, it was a ping with better quality, at this time the ping and bad, the schedules were changed to be compatible with USA due to these irregular changes, I and my friends feel hurt, and together we will study how we can best be compensated for this loss through legal means to seek what is fair to all of us.
I would like to clarify that in case of a lawsuit, it will be due to the merger of SA servers with US servers of the Taichi Panda Heroes game.
Thank you in advance for your attention and consideration, Helder de Andrade Matos
Taichi Panda Heroes

Re: Merger SA and US

Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:36 am

Hi there,

Greetings! Thanks for your contacting. We are sorry to hear your trouble about the server merge. Please be advised that the server merge depends on many factors that our technicians need to consider. Please kindly understand this. Meanwhile we will forward your complaints to our technicians for more consideration. If you have any other problems, please contact us directly through
Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Snail Games Support Team
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