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Soluton to Loading/Updating Issue

Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:02 am

Greetings Players

In regards to problems players have reported regarding being unable to load or update the game, we have prepared this set of instructions to alter the DNS settings on your device's Wifi in order to solve the issue. Please find separate instructions for Android and iOS below.


    Step 1 - Go to Settings on your device


    Step 2 - Enable Wifi

We recommend Wifi for downloading and updating the game. Connect to your preferred Wifi source in the Wifi section of the Settings.


    Step 3 - Modify Network Config

Go to the list of available Wifi networks, and click and hold down on the Wifi you are connected to. This will bring up a prompt like you see below. Select the option "Modify Network Config"



    Step 4 - Select Static

Go to the IP settings, and choose "Static" from the dropdown menu.


    Step 5: Edit DNS 1

Scroll down through the menu until you can find DNS 1.


Change the address on DNS 1 to "" like you see below.



For iOS devices, simply enter the WLAN settings and find the DNS button within the DHCP tab. Click on it, and enter "" into the DNS field.



Once completed, try entering the application again. The loading problem should be fixed, and you should be able to enter the game.

For players who have encountered issues updating the game, this should also solve your problem. If it does not, please try deleting the application and trying again from the beginning with your updated DNS Wifi.

If after completing all of these steps you still encounter issues with connecting to the game, freezing on the loading screen, or unable to update, please contact us at for further assistance.

Re: Soluton to Loading/Updating Issue

Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:27 am

It is a really bad idea to tell people to set a static ip...i get youre trying to solve a DNS issue but the reprocussions of this are astounding.

Im an IT consultant and when someone calls me from a company to tell me they have no internet access i first ping the public IP, then log into the server, then i log into the firewall and look to see if the complaintants device is on the network or showing up in the DHCP table. If you set a static IP its not going to show up in DHCP even worse you told them to use the currently assigned IP in the DHCP pool so when it reassigns that address now user two is knocked offline which means im going to have to drive out there as there could be another problem.

Not making a connection to what caused this seemingly rampant possibly growing issue im going to look at their devices to see theres a conflict and joe smoe set a static IP on his phone. Im going to ask him why on earth he would do that and he would respond: whats a static IP? Oh...that! Snail told me to set that for a game i play on break that wasnt working! WHAT!?!?

Thats the scenario you created with the android steps mentioned and do not let me get started about how nasty that can get with enterprise networks and a RADIUS server...

Re: Soluton to Loading/Updating Issue

Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:34 pm

It is not working for me any other ideas i cant update above 21% need assistance
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